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April Favourites

May 4, 2018

Can someone please explain to me how it is the end of April already? I swear it was January like five minutes ago! It’s been a weird month for us, it’s a crazy busy time at work for me because I work in the financial industry and tax year end at the beginning of April is a doozy. Thigs were brightened up though by some unexpected but much-appreciated sunshine and then just like that it was gone again.

It’s been a good month though, and I’m ever hopeful that Spring and warm weather will return as we go through May so here are my favourites for April:

Apple Watch Sports Loop band

It feels like ages I bought this new strap for my watch and it was right at the beginning of the month. I only bought it because my silicone one was giving me a rash. This new one is made of a nylon type material with a super strong velcro fastening. If you have an Apple watch and are having problems with the classic sports band then I would definitely recommend the fabric ones. It’s so comfortable and the colours are really nice too. Most importantly; the rash on my wrist was gone only a couple of days after I switched bands.

Accessorize pink scarf

Some of you may have noticed I’m a bit obsessed with dusky pink tones at the moment and all through winter I had been wearing my Crew pink wool scarf and whilst I still love it, it’s too warm now. Using some vouchers from my birthday in March I decided to buy a lighter scarf in a similarly pink shade to replace it for the supposedly warmer months of Spring.

I love it; I wear it every single day and sometimes have been known to choose my outfits to match with it. I’m not the only one who does that right?

Nail Polish

This sounds like a bit of a random one but I’ve recently made the decision to stop having gels on my nails for a while. Various reasons but mostly because they weren’t lasting due to all the creams and oils I used on Amelia’s hair.

Having decided to stop I’ve treated myself to a few new nail colours so that I can do them myself from home. One my favourites is the nude shade I shared on my Instagram this week; it’s a quick dry one from Barry M shade Freestyle.

Turns out, my obsession with pink isn’t limited just to scarves…

Amelia’s Scuttle Bug Butterfly bike

I mentioned this little bike in a recent post about our trip to the beach and we’re still loving it. We picked it up in Aldi but if you don’t have an Aldi near you then Amazon are matching the price at the moment which is brilliant.

Amelia is in love with this thing, she rides it up and down the hallway at home, round the living room and sometimes would rather sit on it to watch TV than in her armchair. She wants her dolly to ride on it whilst she pushes them and she wants you to push her along instead of riding it herself but as long as she’s playing with it I don’t really mind.

Unplanned family trips

Am I the only one reminiscing about those beautifully hot sunny days we had mid-April? We had the best weekend with an unplanned trip tot he beach to make the most of the weather. It was so refreshing to just decide to go and off we went. No planning, no worrying about what to do or how to spend the time. Simply ‘let’s go to the seaside’ and off we went.

We had a lovely couple of hours together and Amelia had the best time on her new bike in the sun. More weekend like that, please!

So there you have it, my favourite things and places from April. I can’t wait for share another month with you and I’m hoping to have some more exciting family fun to share.

Rachel xx

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