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May 11, 2017

It’s already the 11th May so I’m a little late with my April favourites but you’re probably used to that by now. I swear the days just go so quickly and with an adventurous little lady who just wants to explore everything I never get the chance to sit down and write my post when I want to.

April was a lovely month, we had Easter right in the middle which gave hubby some extra days at home with us and I think everyone just feels better when the weather is nice. It’s been a glorious few weeks down on the south coast and May is looking like it will be much the same, yes please!

So, here’s my favourites from the month of April…

Joules Harbour Tops

I mentioned these tops in my recent post about stripes (read it here) but I actually love them. I bought the white/pink and white/green and honestly they are about all I wear at the moment. That might be because not much else fits me but I just love them. They are comfy, flattering and practical. I just have to be careful when giving Amelia her food, white tops and baby puree are not a match made in heaven but luckily so far no disasters. I love them so much I’m actually considering going back to for another one.

Mama and Belle Isla Blossom Teething Necklace

I also talked about this necklace recently on my blog (read it here) but since it arrived I have barely taken it off. Mainly because the colours are so perfect for spring/summer and it literally goes with everything. It looks especially lovely with those Joules tops I was talking about earlier. It’s been a huge hit with Amelia too, she loves all of my teething necklaces and I’ve started leaving them in different places around the house to entertain her when she’s getting dressed or having a nappy change. I am really going to miss this necklace when I go back to work and Amelia is at nursery all day. Would it be weird if I just wore it anyway? Probably yes.


Oh my, I thought having a new born and figuring out when to give her milk was hard work. It was nothing compared to weaning, I think it might be hardest part of raising a baby so far. It’s also a lot of fun though and I’m so proud of Amelia every time she tried something new or eats a bit more than yesterday or manages to feed herself some finger food without smearing it everywhere (this doesn’t happen very often) but I think she is really enjoying it. She definitely prefers the sweeter taste of fruits but so far the only thing she has really hated is parsnips. She will eat them when they are combined with other flavours but was not a fan of them on their own. We’re just about to go into the next stage as she reaches 7 months next week so we will be introducing some more advanced flavours and textures.

Non-maternity underwear

This might sound like a weird entry but when you’ve been wearing maternity and nursing bras for as long as you can remember it’s actually amazing to wear a normal bra again. I’ve also thrown out all of my huge post partum granny pants because I’m sick of the sight of them and they were meant to only be for the hospital not for the next 6 months. I’ve done things properly though, I was measured by one of the experts are Marks & Spencer to ensure I was buying the correct size and as expected by size has changed. It’s just a really small thing that no one would even notice but for me it feels like a touch of normality again.

Joules Wensley Scarf

Yes another entry for Joules this month, you might recognise this scarf from my East wish list post, well my mum read it and bought me this beautiful scarf as an Easter gift. Every year I say I don’t want chocolate for Easter because every year I’m meant to be on a diet so no chocolate egg for me but this stunning summery scarf instead. I literally wear scarves all year round, just in variously thicknesses to account for the weather and this one is great it’s so light and perfect for the lovely weather we’ve been having lately.

Rachel xx


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