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Apple Watch Series 3; What’s In The Box

November 11, 2017

Oh Apple, you have done it again. Another beautiful and functional product in the new Apple Watch series 3. As an avid Apple fan I just had to give this a try when I heard about some of the new features and hardware/software improvements from the days of the first generation Watch.

Today, I just want to show you what you get when you open up the box and unwrap it for the first time.

I chose the Apple Watch series 3, 38mm gold aluminuim case with pink sand sport band. I also opted for the GPS only version and in a seperate post I’ll explain why I didn’t push for the LTE version.

Okay, so let’s get to it, in the box you get:

The complementary Apple paperwork; a brief guide to the buttons and ports which is actually quite helpful because the buttons and crown on the watch do take some getting used to and it’s nice to see what features you can access from where, especially when you can single tap, double tap, long hold and force touch for different functions.

Extra strap; don’t just discard this paperwork, tucked away inside the pack is the M\L strap if you opted for the sport band. As standard the watches come with the S\M strap attached (at least they do in the 38mm size) and whilst this will fasten on me it is on the very last hole and doesn’t feel very secure. I’ve opted to use the M\L strap because it just feels better.

The watch; obviously this is the most important part and as I said it comes all set up on the strap ready to use. There’s also that very satisfying plastic wrapper to peel off around the actual watch part and also on the connector of the strap. I do love the moment when you peel the seal back on a new device, so satisfying.

Power brick; the plug socket basically but it looks a little different when you first take it out of the box. The 3-pin head that we have in the UK is folded down, you start to pull up the longer stem and they all jump up and lock into place. This is. brilliant way to make it easier to store the plug when you travel and because it’s a USB adapter you could use this plug head for other charging cables when you travel (providing you don’t want to charge multiple items at once)

Charging cable; unlike the iPhone and iPad, the watch doesn’t have a lightening connector, instead it has a magnetic disc charger that attaches to the heart rate sensor on the back of the watch to start charging. The cable is a standard length however I’ve found that when your using an extension cable as I am that is sat on the floor the cable won’t reach my bedside table. I’ve had to use a USB extension wire but if you plug is on the wall or you’re using a PC USB port to charge then you’ll be fine.

So that’s what you get in the box, all very standard and what you’d expect. Obviously if you opt for one of the more expensive versions of the watch you may getting different items includes such as the charging dock that I think comes with the Apple Watch Edition but seriously who’s spending £1200 on an Apple Watch? Not me that’s for sure, no matter how nice that white ceramic might look…

Let me know if you would like to read more about the Apple Watch; about why I chose this version and why I chose an Apple Watch at all as well as a full review of it once I’ve been using it for a while as my daily watch and fitness tracker.

What do you think of the new Apple Watch? Are you a fan or do you not get the hype?

Rachel xx

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