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An Elf Brings A Christmas Tree

December 6, 2019

Anyone else who just couldn’t wait for the December 1st so that you could put up your Christmas trees and decorations? I was so excited about it doing this year but also a but apprehensive about how to make it fun and stress free. 

Having Taya around is magical at Christmas but it does present new difficulties, like how to put the tree up without her climbing all over it or breaking baubles or eating the lights? 

My plan had been to do it all with Amelia during Taya’s nap so she was safely out of the way but realistically we would have been rushed to get it all done in time and it probably wouldn’t have been that much fun. 

At the very last minute (9.30pm the night before) I decided it wasn’t going to work and I needed to do some prep on my own. If you haven’t put your tree up yet and you have small children, maybe this will help. It certainly made a huge difference for us. 

I assembled and lit the tree on my own the night before. That’s the boring bit, the bit that requires patience to untangle and test lights, string them and adjust them so they’re just right and Amelia simply doesn’t care about any of that. 

I had also bought her an Elf dress because she’s going to be an Elf in the pre school Christmas concert and this seemed like a perfect chance to try it on and get some photos of her in it. I hung it up next to the tree and waited for the magic in the morning. 

Whilst getting the girl’s milk in the morning I turned the lights on and went back upstairs to tell Amelia that an Elf had been to visit us during the night and left her a tree and a new dress. She couldn’t get downstairs fast enough. 

She didn’t even want breakfast but she couldn’t find any decorations for the tree so she agreed to eat as long as we looked for them after. I sent her out to search in the convseratory whilst I put two boxes of decorations out on the front step.

I rang the bell and quickly closed the door. 

“Mummy mummy the ding dong. Is it the postman?”

“I don’t know darling why don’t you open it and see”

She opened the door and find the Elf had brought her some decorations for her tree. 

We lay them all out on the floor to see what the Elf had left for us and one by one, put them on the tree. I asked Amelia to choose a branch and then helped her to hang them. She was so good I didn’t even have to relocate any baubles. 

When we were all done, she placed our new fairy on top. 

It honestly couldn’t have gone any better, we had such a lovely morning doing it together, if you ask her though, she’ll tell you Santa himself brought her a tree and mummy was asleep when he put it in the house.

I’m okay with that. 

Merry Christmas from all of us.

Rachel xx 

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