A Trip To (Almost) The End Of The World

July 13, 2016

Finally! The long awaited Uni reunion in Cornwall has arrived. It’s been 10 years since we all met at university and 3 years since we had all been in the same country.

After graduation we had all gone our own ways; 2 got married, one become a bad-ass police woman, 1 moved across the world to build a life in Australia and now has beautiful 11 month old twins. There are just some friendships that will last a lifetime, so when we found out one of our clan was returning to visit from the other side of world with her babies we just had to see her.

Hubby and I packed up the car on Friday morning and set off for the 6 hour drive to Marazion, Cornwall. Packing for a trip when pregnant has its advantages and disadvantages. I have less clothes to choose from so I couldn’t over pack but I also have lotions and potions and support pillows galore.

We stayed at the Marazion Hotel, just a short drive from Penzance, the hotel was almost on the beach front and right opposite a beautiful island castle called St Michael’s Mount.

After 6 hours in the car, we took a stroll to investigate the beach, the tide was still out so the walkway to the castle was visible. It wasn’t long though before we realised the tide was coming in and not wanting to get stranded in the sea we had to turn back and didn’t make it all the way to the castle island.

Marazion & St Michael’s Mount

We woke on Saturday morning to thick fog, we couldn’t even see the castle anymore (typical British summer) which meant it was closed. Determined not to be beaten by the weather we came up with an alternative plan and went on an exploration of Cornwall’s historic sights.

With babies strapped to mum and dad and a very excited dog we ventured into the mist in search of an archaeological site of a 3rd century village.

Chysauster Village

After a brief stop for a proper Cornish pasty we headed back out into the countryside in search of more adventures, our convoy got a little lost along the way but that just made it more exciting. We stumbled upon the remains of an old mine where we climbed and jumped (I was pushed up the hill and waddled instead of jumped) but it was fun nonetheless.

A perfect spot for a group selfie!

Carn Galver Mine

We bundled back in the cars out of the rain and on to the next spot, looking out for a gate in a wall. The gate turned out to be more like two very old stones in the middle of a hedge but we found it and pulled over again to investigate.

It was the site of an ancient Jewish burial ground, looking like a mini Stonehenge just without the crowds.

Lanyon Quoit

Our whistle stop tour wasn’t quite over so back to the convoy and on to our final stop, a wishing well and tree and the remains of a 12th century chapel.

The wishing well turned out to be more of a muddy puddle but the wishing tree was magical. Ribbons of every colour hanging from its branches. Some with messages of love and loss, others with prayers. People had tied what ever they had; shoe laces, bibs, even a tea bag (how very British).

It didn’t seem right to leave without making a wish for our baby girl, for a continued healthy pregnancy and safe arrival so I pulled a grass from the edge of the puddle (wishing well) and tied it to the tree.

The chapel was small and not in much better condition than the 3rd century village we visited in the morning. It’s amazing how preserved history can be when it’s buried underground. We did find some small memory candles that had been left in the chapel which we relighted and sat for a moment before heading back to the cars.

Madron Well and Holy Chapel

That evening we ventured into Penzance town centre for dinner at the Waterside Meadery, a restaurant named after the famous Cornwall mead (sweet fruit flavoured wine). It was almost medieval inside, everyone sat on benches eating with their hands (cutlery is frowned upon) and barrels upon barrels of mead lining the walls.

The meal was great, so much food we ended up taking almost an entire chicken home between us which we gave to the pup.

Waterside Meadery

That drew our trip to a close, Sunday morning we packed up and headed home. Not before an 8am stroll along the deserted beach front. I couldn’t go home without taking little bump to the beach.

It was so amazing to see everyone again and spend time catching up on all our lives. Let’s hope it’s not another 3 years before we are all together again! Love you guys.

Rachel xx

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