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A Sunny Sunday by the Sea

July 3, 2016

Sometimes the best plans are those you didn’t make. On Sunday morning I received a call from my Mum & Dad to ask if I was free to take them to Gunwharf Quays Outlet Shopping. I was free, but I was not ready. Bump and I were in serious chill mode, granted it was 10am when they called but I was still in bed catching up on my favourite mummy blogs.

I don’t think I’ve gotten ready quicker since the bump got so big, in the space of an hour I’d showered, eaten breakfast, dressed (make up & hair done) and put the washing out to dry. Feeling a little like super woman I was ready when they arrived.

Our trip to Gunwharf Quays was primarily focused around my Dad, who hates shopping and will only go three times a year if he can (Anniversary, Mum’s birthday and Christmas) but he needed new sunglasses and had to brave the shops.

We were successful in the sunglasses hunt and just to give him a chance to break them in the sun finally gave us a rare appearance and it turned into a beautiful afternoon. We stopped for a quick bite at Pret-A-Manger, not going to lie, I had a children’s sandwich. All I wanted was a plain cheese sandwich but their choices were so fancy. So children’s meal for me then, technically I am also feeding a small child…

I couldn’t resist the chance to take a stroll around the harbour since it was such a lovely day, we even saw people abseiling down the side of the Spinnaker Tower – rather you than me love!

Note Dad’s new sunglasses

So there you have it, a Sunday of no plans but house work turned into a lovely afternoon in the sunshine.

I may have also made some small rather adorable baby purchases from The White Company, check back for my new post on that in a couple of days…

Rachel xx

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