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A Little Monkey For My Little Monkey

May 24, 2017


Let’s talk about teeth, those pesky little teeth that leave our babas feeling sad, and in pain. If your baby started teething early like mine did (around 4 months) you will know that it can be a long battle of dribble, miserableness and constant chewing before you actually see any little teeth appear at the gum line.

About two weeks ago Amelia’s firs two bottom teeth broke through her gum and we’ve been very lucky in that none of it has made her overly upset. I know that some babies are inconsolable at times but whilst she has been forever chewing on anything in reach she hasn’t been too sad about the whole thing.

I’m not counting my lucky eggs just yet, I know that the back teeth can be a nightmare when they start to come through so I’m sure we wont’ get off that lightly.

One of the most common ways of soothing gum pain during teething is to apply either a teething gel or teething granules, this can be easier said than done though and most often babies will either spit it out, dribble it all down their chins and if they do have any teeth already you’re likely to be mistaken for a teething toy and bitten. Don’t let those cute little white peggys fool you either, those teeth are sharp as hell.

If your struggling to get teething gel or granules into your little ones mouth or you would like to start to introduce teeth brushing and toothpaste then you need to check out Matchstick Monkey, their little monkey teethers are a god send.

They’re small enough for little hands to hold and grip, soft enough to chew on for hours, wipe clean and with little toothbrush style bumps on the back of the monkey’s head you can apply gels and pastes directly into your baby’s mouth without the risk of being bitten or sucked to death.

We’ve been using the Matchstick Monkey for about a week now and Amelia loves it, he’s just the right size to fit in her mouth and with his loopy arms I can tie a toy strap to him to stop him from being flung out of the pram or shopping trolley. If your looking for a multi-purpose teething toy that is as functional for mum as it is for baby then you need to give Matchstick Monkey a try.

Matchstick Monkey comes in a range of colours, you can shop them all over on the website:

This post was sponsored by NeatPR on behalf of Matchstick Monkey, thank you for sending us this product for review.

Rachel xx

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