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A Little Me Time Is So Important

February 28, 2017

Ahh me time, it so often feels like a thing of the past and some of you might think I’m speaking another language altogether. Me time? What is she on about! Well put simply it’s just a bit of time during the day for you to do what you want, for you and no one else.

It might feel like there isn’t a spare second this month but it’s so important to set a little time aside for yourself. If you’re a new mum you probably feel a little deflated, haven’t taken a proper shower in weeks (longer than 3 mins), could take out shares in dry shampoo and the polish on your toes has long since chipped off. Trust me we all feel like that; between caring for your new baby or even your older baby (toddlers can be just as demanding on your time) you’ve been feeding, changing, bathing, playing and if none of that is happening you’ve been cooking, cleaning, tidying, washing oh and now it’s time to feed the baby again and thus the cycle continues. It’s so easy to forget about yourself in the midst of all the chaos and chores and before you know it you look like a bedraggled Cinderella calling for her fairy godmother.

We all have a different idea of what me time means to us, for you it might be; taking the longest hottest shower ever, maybe you’ll even double shampoo your hair. It’s might be watching your favourite TV show all the way through uninterrupted, drinking a cup of tea whilst it’s still hot, maybe you want to paint your nails or even go to the hairdressers for a much needed cut and blow dry. All I’m saying is it doesn’t matter what it is that makes you feel like you for a moment and not just mum, all that matters is that you know what you fancy and you find a way of getting it for yourself.

You might be thinking there is absolutely no time in the day but your baby has to take a nap at some point? So just this once sod the washing up or the pile of clothes that need ironing. They’re not going anywhere, put your feet up and watch that TV show you missed last week, pour yourself a cuppa and eat a choccy biscuit in peace. If nap time is no good for you, what about when your partner gets home from work? I’m not suggesting you thrust the baby at him and run out the door as soon as he’s home although you might feel like doing that some days. I just mean at some point in the evening, maybe Daddy wants some playtime with his baby and you can take this opportunity to read a chapter of the book you started 6 months ago and let them have their time together to bond too.

If you’re really in need of a break you could go one step further and enlist some outside help, get your parents to look after the little one for a couple of hours whilst you get a manicure or even just so that you can go to Tesco on your own. It really doesn’t matter what you spend the time doing, it’s just about having a breather, stepping back and letting someone else take the load for a few hours whilst you recharge.

I was fortunate enough to have my parents look after Amelia last week whilst I had my hair coloured, cut and blow dried. I was out of the house for 3 hours and it was bliss. Amelia is a perfect baby and she doesn’t give me any trouble during the day so it wasn’t like I needed a break from her but I needed a break from always being on alert. Always checking the clock for her feeding time, making sure she is safe, playing nicely, getting her sleep when she needs it. For 3 hours I simply sat, I read a magazine, I gossiped with the ladies in the salon and listened to HeartFM play some quite brilliant throwback songs.

I feel like a new woman, not only is my hair looking fabulous and in much better condition than it was when I went in which gives me more motivation to do something nice with it but I’ve had that little break for me to relax.

I’m not trying to suggest that anyone wants to get away from their babies, or doesn’t want to spend time with them. We love our children, so much so that we often neglect ourselves in order to care for them or give them more of our time. I’m simply saying it’s important to remember that you are a person too, you need to take a little time to rest, recharge your batteries and enjoy yourself sans babies.

Happy Mama, Happy Baby!

Rachel xx

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