Baby Girls In Leather Shoes

May 4, 2017

If you follow anyone on Instagram who has a baby you will probably have noticed that baby moccasins have become a bit of a big deal lately. I mean come on they are just soooo adorable and they look great on boys and girls.

I’ve been wanting to jump on the band wagon for ages but good shoes cost money and the best are genuine leather. Not wanting to spend a fortune on shoes that a) she will spend all day either trying to pull off or chew on, b) she’s not even walking anywhere in them and c) they will only fit her for a minute and then she’ll have moved on to the next size. I’ve been on the hunt and my search led me to Amazon, to a company called Happy Kids who sell genuine leather baby moccasins at a price that didn’t turn my hair grey. They had a great range of colours and most of the colours came in three different style; no fringe, fringe at the back or fringe at the back and front.

I knew I wanted a pale pink pair but my husband raised a valid point that she doesn’t always wear pink, well I’ll just have to get another pair then won’t I. I opted for pale pink and white in the end, the white should match anything that the pink doesn’t and because they were so reasonably priced I bought them in her current size and the next size up. This trend better stick around for a while…

As soon as they arrived, they went straight in Amelia’s mouth so I can vouch that they are nice and soft and rather chewable. The leather is really soft and they are surprisingly easy to put on. Little elastic strings at the front allow you to open them up wide enough to slip little feet into, if they will keep still long enough and they then close so that she can’t (or hasn’t yet) been able to get them off. She’s working on it though…

I’m really impressed with these little shoes and I think Amelia likes them too, she’s certainly giving them a lot of attention.

If you would like to take a look at the Happy Kids range, click here.

If you’re still searching for the perfect leather shoe for your little girl, here are some of my other favourites on the high street:

Zara Leather Ballerina || H&M Leather Moccasins || H&M Leather Sandals

Zara Embroidered Leather Shoes || John Lewis Hierloom Leather Pram Shoes || Zara Buckled Leather Sandals

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored, these items were chosen and purchased by myself.

Rachel xx

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