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12 of the best sleeping spots for your baby

January 25, 2017



Sleep is so important for your new baby, it is the time when they make sense of every new experience, the time when they use all that gorgeous milk to help make them grow big and strong and as a new parent your own sleep is entirely determined by your little person’s sleep so it seems the most important thing to do is find them a place that makes them want to sleep the longest so that you can too.

Here’s a look at some of the best sleeping options for your baby:

Chicco Next To Me £172.00

A co-sleeping crib, the Next To Me allows baby to sleep right next to you at the side of your bed but without actually being in your bed with you. You can see baby through the mesh panel which also zips down for quick and easy access to baby in the middle of night for feeding and comforting.

Kinder Valley Moses Basket £45.00

Moses baskets are the traditional choice when you first bring baby home from the hospital. They are small enough to make baby feel secure and are also light weight that you can move them to different rooms in the house when baby needs to take a nap.

You will also need a moses basket stand, these can be stationary or rocking.

Red Castle Cocoonababy £129.00

A cushion that allows a new born to sleep in a semi foetal position as if they were still cocooned in your tummy. This sleeping position can help babies to transition from womb to the outside world without it being too much of a shock for them.

The Cocoonababy can be used from birth up to when the child tries to change their own position by rolling (approx. 3-4 months) it also comes with a chest strap to ensure your baby is held gently in the correct position.

Sleepyhead Deluxe Pod £110.00

A multi purpose sleeping space, the Sleepyhead can be used anywhere you can lie it flat. The soft breathable cushioned sides provide a sense of closeness for your baby whilst also ensuring they can’t move too far in their sleep. Once your baby is comfortable sleeping in the Sleepyhead you can take it anywhere and your baby should sleep peacefully.

It can also be used as a lounging space for children to rest in, a tummy time support, changing mat and cot insert to make a larger sleep space feel cosy. The Deluxe is designed to fit babies from birth to 8 months and there is a larger version called the Grand for older babies aged 8-36 months.

Babymoov Cosy Dream £39.99

Perfectly adapted to baby’s body shape when lying on their back, the Cosy Dream provides support for baby’s back and raises baby’s legs into a more comfortable position to help them fall asleep. It also has built in head hugger to help prevent flat head from baby lying on their backs.

PurFlo Breathable Nest £59.99

Acting in much the same capacity as the Sleepyhead but at half the price. The PurFlo can be used from birth as a snuggly place for baby to sleep, rest and practice their tummy time. Portable too so that can you take it anywhere so that baby can rest when you visit friends and family.

Tiny Love 3 in 1 Rocker Napper £99.99

This 3 in 1 rocker allows baby to play, eat and sleep all in one place. The seat can sit up straight for older babies to be fed in, it also leans back to become a rocker with songs, toys and vibrations and can lie completely flat for your baby to sleep in. The idea with this Rocker Napper is that if your child should fall asleep whilst playing, you don’t have to disturb them by lifting them, you simply use the lever at the back to lower them into a sleeping position and let them be.

Dreami Clever Baby Sleeper £130.00

Similar in design to a traditional moses basket but with a slight twist, the stand can be used upright to give a stationary sleeping space or it can be flipped over onto the curved sides and it becomes a rocking stand.

Babocush Newborn Tummy Time Comfort Cushion £104.00

Will your baby only settle on your shoulder or chest? Tired of sitting for hours needed the bathroom but too scared to disturb your little one? The Babocush might be just what you need. This cushion holds your baby in a tummy down position as if they were resting on your shoulder. The harness not only provides security but also acts like your arms holding them in place. The version featured here also has heartbeat sounds and vibration built in so it’s as close to being on you as possible.

Chicco Lullago Crib £99.99

A super light weight and foldable crib that you c an take anywhere. Chicco claims it can be put up and folded away in just 1 minute.

Mothercare Swinging Crib £79.99

Cribs are smaller than cots and can be more easily fitted around your other furniture if you want your baby to stay in your room with you. The swinging base allows baby to drift off into a peaceful sleep whilst feeling like you are rocking them in your arms.

Amazonas Hammock £80.00

Ever slept in a hammock on holiday? It’s impossible not to fall asleep so why would it be any different for your baby. Just strap them in and let the gentle swinging motion send them off to dream land. The sides of the hammock fold around your baby to keep them feeling safe and secure and the wooden/rope design make it look like you’re on the beach.

I hope you have found this helpful, just remember that what ever it takes to get a good night’s sleep, it’s worth it!

Rachel xx



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