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Baby Family

C-Section Recovery // 6 Week Update

March 18, 2019

  Today is 6 weeks since Taya was born by planned c-section so I thought I would share how my recovery is going this time around. I did something similar when Amelia was born so if you want to read that I’ll link it here. It was very different since it was an emergency section, and I’ve learnt that it makes a HUGE difference. I can hand on…

Baby Family

Taya Louise // One Month Update

March 4, 2019

  Our darling girl is one month old today, we’ve had four whole weeks as a family of four and I think we’ve settled into it pretty well. Amelia is an amazing big sister, she’s so gentle and caring. Wanting to give Taya all her teddies when she cries and giving her soft kisses on her head before she goes to bed. I’ve been so incredibly proud of…