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Why I’m Going Back To Toddler Meals

June 1, 2018

I think most parents would agree that meal times and eating are the most stressful part of having a toddler. One minute they love something and the next they won’t touch it. One day they’ll eat everything in sight and the next they won’t take a single bite. It’s stressful and I had been putting extra pressure on both us by wanting Amelia to move on from toddler…

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Weekly Wrap-Up #22

May 30, 2018

I know it said this time but I bloody love a bank holiday weekend; three day weekends should definitely be a thing all the time. We were expecting a washout and I know that some people had terrible weather and flooding so I hope you’re okay if you were affected. Whilst we had a big storm overnight on Saturday we didn’t have the rain during the days as we…

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How I Edit My Instagram Photos

May 25, 2018

Editing is a touchy topic on Instagram and I think people tend to fit into two camps; totally cool with it because it makes for pretty photos or totally against it feeling like it’s dishonest. I’m somewhere in the middle; there are elements of editing that I’m okay with such as brightening and colour editing to give all your photos the same look and theme. I’m not okay…