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Baby Reviews

Top Five Toddler TV Shows

April 13, 2018

Screen time, it’s a tricky topic with many many different approaches and opinions among parents. I don’t claim to have ever wanted to be that parent who’s child never watches TV but I’ve also maintained that Amelia doesn’t watch too much and that we don’t use it as a parenting substitute. There are times though, especially now that she is getting older when the TV or Youtube on…

Baby Reviews

Skip Hop Ladybird Backpack and Reins Review

April 9, 2018

I’ve seen loads of toddlers using these little backpacks strutting their stuff around town and now that Amelia is good at walking but not so good at holding hands I thought it would be a great idea to try one of these bags. I chose the ladybird design by Skip Hop because it was girly without being glittery or over the top, I decided to try it on…


Canon M6 Out Of The Box And First Impressions

March 16, 2018

I’ve bought a camera, a proper one. You might have seen it pop up on my Instagram a couple of times already and I’ve definitely been using it for some of my photos and Youtube videos. It’s the Canon EOS M6 in Silver and I’m a bit obsessed with it. Technically though it’s a birthday gift for my 30th, which was on Friday and it’s felt kinda wrong…

Baby Reviews

Gummee Molar Mallet Review

February 12, 2018

Teething; it’s so horrible for our little ones and the back teeth are worse than anything that has come before. Amelia has been breaking four back teeth (two at the top and two at bottom) for a couple of weeks now and she’s been so miserable and clingy. The back teeth seem to be harder for her to soothe as most of her teething toys are round and…