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Third Trimester

Third Trimester

Baby’s Nursery // A Quick Tour

October 13, 2016

With baby now expected to be with us in the next few days we thought it best we made all the finishing touches to her nursery so that it’s ready for her to come home to. I’ve spent the last couple of days getting things out of boxes, organising drawers, making up the bedding, re-organising the drawers again and since it will most likely never be this tidy…

Third Trimester

Antenatal Classes Top Tips

October 5, 2016

Over the last two weeks we have attended our NHS provided antenatal care classes at our local heath centre. The first was all about labour and pain relief and the second about life with a new baby. Each session lasted for two hours and there was so so so much information to take in. Some of it we knew from research we had done ourselves over the last…

Third Trimester

Hospital Bag // What I’ve Packed

September 18, 2016

Now that we’re well and truly into the 35th week and we’re off to Centre Parcs for a week on Monday I couldn’t put off packing my hospital bag any longer. You know, just in case… So I’ve done it and I thought I would give you a run down of what I’ve included, I’ve tried to add links where I can find the items still online……