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Baby Family

Taya Louise // Five Months Update

July 4, 2019

  Oh just look at that little smile *heart eyes emoji*. This little girly can’t stop growing no matter how much I ask for time to stand still for a moment. The most noticeable change in her since last month is that now she is rolling all day every day. She even rolls when she doesn’t want to. When she’s crying on her tummy and I help her…

Baby Family

Taya’s Bedtime Routine \\ Four Months Old

June 6, 2019

Sleep, it’s literally the number one asked about and talked about subject among parents, that and how many poops they do in a day. Sometimes in the first few months you feel like you will never sleep again or that your baby will never find a routine with going to bed but all that nighttime chaos doesn’t have to last forever. I’m not a fan (in any way) of…

Baby Family

Taya Louise // Four Months Update

June 4, 2019

Our smiley little pickle is 4 months old today, it’s sort of crept up on me this time and I felt like we hadn’t done much or that not much had changed for Taya. Then I went through my camera roll… I can’t decide in this photo if she’s clasping her hands in anticipation or slyly giving me the finger? Her newest trick is that she can reach…