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Second Pregnancy // 32 Week Update

December 18, 2018

32 weeks, it’s sure come around fast! I think I say that about every week but this pregnancy just seems to be going so much quicker than the last one. Maybe because I don’t have a moments peace when Amelia is around so I sort of forget about being more and more pregnant. It might also be because Christmas is just around the corner and that’s making the…


We’re Loving At Home Play

November 14, 2018

I’ve been feeling so bad about neglecting my little space here on the internet since falling pregnant; I don’t know why I’ve gone completely blank about what to write about or what to share (any suggestions always welcome) but one of my besties gave me a few suggestions last week so I’m back. I want to talk about at home play (and outdoor play too I suppose) because…

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What Amelia Got For Her Birthday

October 16, 2018

I still feel totally weird about these sorts of posts but when I did it for my 30th back in March everyone seemed to love it so I thought I would do it again for Amelia’s second birthday. If you’re just interested in what she got then I hope you enjoy this and if you’re looking for Christmas or birthday ideas for your little one then I hope…